Braykov’s Legal Office was set up back in 1990 when the profession in Bulgaria really became private.
We are a team of ten lawyers in Sofia and we do not intend to grow bigger just for the sake of looking western. One has to remember the Columbus rule that he who goes too far to the west will turn up in the east.

We work with six associate law firms across the country. We think we are capable of putting together a larger legal task force of top free lancers on specific projects. The environment and the players we know since 1976.

Our office is neither the best nor the worst. This is not a constellation of professional stars but a circuit which lights since it is internally well connected.

We are delighted by the achievements of other law firms and try to learn from their success and disappointments. In a country where lawyers have never been the rulers’ favorites.

Our main fields of expertise are law of contract, commercial law, company law, intellectual property rights (no patents), commercial litigation, competition law and employment law.

We do not practice criminal law.

We can communicate in English, French, German and Russian.

We are proud of a long-term relationship with IBM, Xerox, British American Tobacco, Diageo, EDFM, General Motors, Kodak, HBO, Playboy, Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund, Scotch Whisky Association, TransAtlantik Petroleum, Henkel, General Electric (GECAS) and Alta.

We feel extremely privileged with the appointment to be the honorary legal adviser of His Excellency the British Ambassador to Bulgaria.

We build with our clients a continuous and most friendly professional cooperation matched by mutual personal confidence.

We try to provide a preventive service in order to avoid court intervention. But we also recognize that an out-of-court settlement is a projection of the inevitable court decision.

It should be very clear to those who would use our professional services that we do not promise success that results from dining with ministers or knowing top magistrates.

Bulgarian lawyers are already faced with the challenges and opportunities of the EU membership of our country. Along with the efforts of the Bulgarian society and government they should provide their unqualified contribution to the judiciary reform and against the unreasoned discretion of the selective justice.

We are members of the PRAGMA international law firm network with a presence in more than 20 countries worldwide, which corresponds to our criteria of service quality and our philosophy of independence, flexibility and optimum size, and we are able to provide assistance to our Clients in a big part of the civilized world.

From our personal experience we know that a lawyer is made not when a bar exam is passed or an international directory is entered against a modest fee, but when he overcomes the first professional setback and with a fierce indignation wins the case in the appeal instance. In the fire of that indignation a new lawyer is born. To achieve this he should not be afraid to call things by their own names.